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Meet Ray. He is a Vietnam Veteran that was one of the top mathematicians during the war and the creation of the computer. He was very active in his local VFW hall and a true leader. Unfortunately, he has come down with many different disabling conditions from his service. Having a handicapped bathroom allows him to live at home with his wife of over 40 years. It is the least we can do for our neighbors.


Meet Joanne. She is a sweet lady that lives full time with her daughter in NE Portland and has a permanent disability. The house they live in has three concrete steps from the front door to the ground. Mom cannot navigate the steps because she uses a walker all of the time and the steps are small. Without a safe way to get in and out of the house, she will not be able to get to her doctors’ appointments and it is terribly dangerous if there was a fire.
ReFIT built her a ramp from the front door to the sidewalk and she is now able to come in and out of the house when she wants to, giving her back her independence she thought was lost forever.


Meet Jimmie. Long time NE Portland resident. Was trapped and could not get out for over 3 years. Wanted to stay living in his home of 60 years. He deserves to be out in his community and missed his old life when he could come and go from his home. ReFIT built a 48-foot ramp for him so he could leave his home and take the bus to the Senior Center and meet up with some “old timers”. He even went to his doctor appointments by himself for the first time in over 3 years. That is what ReFIT does, gives the gift of dignity.

Bessy C. and Reuben G.

For nearly 30 years, Bessy C. and Reuben G. have lived in their SE Portland home. As they have aged and their health has declined, it became very difficult for them to get around and stay active. Their front porch had steps, and the porch deck was in bad shape and unsafe. Desperately in need of a ramp, they contacted ReFIT.
Aaron Stevens of R&H Construction and Jim Kitchin of InterWorks, LLC put together a team of volunteers to re-build the porch deck and add a new ramp. Jacob Avery of Jacob Avery Construction also helped on the project, and Wood Mechanix donated the materials. Bessy and Reuben now have safe access to and from their home.


Meet Satish. He struggles daily with doing all of the things we do every day, like taking a shower. Because of his medical conditions he cannot stand or sit for any period of time while in great pain. He must also go to the hospital three times a week for his dialysis treatments. He goes in a wheelchair but the small piece of plywood that is covering his door threshold is soggy and unsafe. ReFIT was able to add a large grab bar to his shower and demolish the plywood “ramp” and build a new, stronger ramp for him. He can now go in and out of his front door without having to worry about rolling off the side of the plywood or falling through. He is very happy to be able to live safely at home in NE Portland.

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