Frequently Asked Questions

Why Was ReFIT Started?

In 1996, a Portland-area contractor’s son was injured in a car accident that left him confined to a wheelchair. Local remodelers volunteered to modify his home as well as his fraternity house to make it handicap accessible. Through that experience they realized there was an unmet need in the disabled community and they wanted to do something about it. Learn more about who we are.

What is at the heart of ReFIT’s mission?

For someone suffering mobility issues related to illness, injury or aging, there is always a fear of no longer being able to live at home.

ReFIT seeks to ease the burden of the disabled by providing vital home modifications and improvements at no cost to those we serve; making it possible for them to stay in their homes living with dignity, and with the knowledge that they are valued, loved and supported by the community.

You can make a difference in your community by purchasing remodeling materials, joining our monthly donor program, or simply making a one-time donation.

If I have a physical disability do I automatically qualify for ReFIT services?

No, we have clearly stated qualifications that must be met. Read more about how to qualify for our services.

You can always downoad our free Portland resources packet. It provides a list of local organizations that can help with home modifications, senior support, in-home care, food assistance, healthcare, and more.

How does ReFIT decide which projects to accept?

We follow very clear and consistent guidelines when assessing the viability of each project.

Decisions are based on several criteria including physical and financial need. Among potential clients who meet the criteria, top priority is given to those who demonstrate the greatest need. Priority clients may have low or very low income, live alone, have an emergency situation, or be in imminent risk of institutionalization.

In addition, the screening process targets clients who have the best chance of reaping long-term benefits from home modifications. Indicators of success include clients who are alert and cooperative, have stable health or a treatable chronic disease

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