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Are you ready to start living again?

When an injury, handicap, or other physical limitation threatens your ability to stay in your home, it can shake the very foundation upon which you stand.

You don’t have to go it alone.  ReFIT may be able to help.

Read the information below and find out if you qualify for our home modification services.

Then download, print, and mail or photocopy your application to get started.


ReFIT provides essential remodeling services for homeowners who want to stay at home and remain independent, but don’t have the resources to make the necessary changes.  Having a resource to meet your simple, practical needs can make the difference between staying at home and seeking care in an assisted living facility or adult foster home.

By removing physical barriers, opening up spaces, and adding safety features such as grab bars, ramps, or improved lighting, we can improve overall accessibility and increase comfort for those struggling to maintain independence.

We can help with these home modification services:

  • Access Ramps
  • Widening Doorways
  • Bathroom Modifications
  • Grab bars
  • Guard rails


How do I potentially qualify for assistance from ReFIT?

You must meet all of the following qualifications in order to receive assistance from ReFIT. Please call (503) 698-8382 or send us a message if you are uncertain about your qualification status.

  • Homeowner or family member living in home must have limited mobility and/or functional limitation.
  • Household must have an income below 80% of the median income (may be waived under certain circumstances).
  • The homeowner or family member is able to stay in home as a result of modification.
  • The requested modifications must increase the accessibility of the home.
  • The home cannot be a mobile home, trailer or modular home.
  • The home should be in Clackamas, Multnomah, or Washington County in Oregon.
  • ReFIT’s focus is to modify current homes so as to better accommodate physical limitations and as such does not include home repairs.

Among potential clients who meet these minimum qualifications, top priority is given to those who demonstrate the greatest need. Priority clients may have low or very low income, live alone, have an emergency situation, or be in imminent risk of institutionalization. In addition, the screening process targets clients who have the best chance of reaping long-term benefits from home modifications. Indicators of success include clients who are alert and cooperative, have stable health or a treatable chronic disease, live in a stable neighborhood, and have an involved and committed family.


I qualify for home modification assistance. Where do I apply?

First, download the client application packet.

Download Client Application Packet

Once all of the forms are completed, mail them to:

PO Box 8353
Portland, OR 97207

Alternatively, you can photocopy and send the documents to


I sent my client application. What happens next?

You will receive a call from a member of the Assessment Committee. If it is found that your application meets all the criteria, we will schedule a site check to review with you your needs and assess your disability.

After the site check, the appraiser will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors. If the recommendation is in your favor and the board votes to accept your application, we will forward your application to our project committee. They will then develop a construction plan.


The board approved my application.  What does the project management process look like?

Once a project is approved, a project team is formed to ensure that the needs of the client are met with quality work performed in a timely fashion.

The project management process is designed to ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and that all work is performed according to industry standards. Coupled with the screening and evaluation process, this approach ensures that completed projects are reasonable solutions to real needs.


At ReFIT, we believe in making a positive, long-lasting impact in our community, one home at time. Please contact us today for immediate assistance.