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Give a One-Time Donation

Your donation, no matter how large or small, will help ReFIT change lives.

Like by helping provide a full remodel of the lower level of the family home, so that 18-year old Tim could live independently after he became wheelchair bound from an illness.  Or by helping provide an extensive wheelchair ramp so that Jana P. could leave her home for the first time in a year.  Your donation really does help make a difference is someone’s quality of life.

For every $1.00 you donate, ReFIT is able to provide $3.00 in services.

Life-changing projects that call upon resources and contractors depend on long-term funding.

Please consider an giving an ongoing, monthly donation or one-time gift today!

You Don't Need to Use a Hammer to Volunteer

ReFIT is happily accepting sponsors and volunteers to help with behind-the-scenes work.

Administration, construction, healthcare, event planning, fundraising, marketing, and much more!

Learn more about volunteering as a group or individual.

Learn more about our contractor volunteer programs.