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Provide Funding for a Project

Many items are needed for each ReFIT home modification project.

For as little as a $10.00 donation (which provides a bucket of nails) all the way up to a $2500.00 donation (which provides a complete wheelchair ramp), your donation helps us make home safer for our clients!

Here’s a list of our most often needed items:



Bucket of Nails: $10 Donation

This is something we use in EVERY project.  You can help us build anything with your contribution of a bucket of nails.

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10 Pieces of 2 x 4 Lumber for a Wheelchair Ramp: $25 Donation

Trying to leave home is a daunting task for a disabled person, sometimes taking upwards of 15 minutes to get in or out of their home. A wheelchair ramp solves that problem and will give them safety, freedom and independence.

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Bathroom Grab Bar: $50 Donation

For most of us, using the toilet or taking a shower are no big deal, however they pose great risk for a person with limited mobility. Bathroom grab bars provide security and safety for these activities of daily living.

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Wall-hung ADA Approved Sink: $100 Donation

A wall-hung sink makes the simple act of teeth brushing and face washing much easier to accomplish and safer for a disabled person, by allowing for a wheelchair to be rolled up right to it.

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Wheelchair Ramp Hardware: $250 Donation

If you would like to help with the cost of a wheelchair ramp and are in the position to give more than the $25.00 needed to buy lumber, this donation will provide all the necessary hardware to complete a ramp and provide much needed independence and safety.

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ADA Approved Toilet: $500 Donation

The height of the toilet is a real safety concern for a person with mobility issues. An ADA approved toilet has several extra inches in height which makes using a toilet easier, safer and more comfortable for someone with disabilities or limited mobility.

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Roll-in Shower Insert: $1,500 Donation

The simple act of taking a shower is a huge challenge for a person with mobility issues. A roll-in shower provides the safety, ease of use and dignity they deserve.

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Complete Wheelchair Ramp: $2,500 Donation

As we mentioned previously, trying to leave home is a daunting and sometimes impossible task for a disabled person. We’ve had clients who actually had to be carried down their front porch steps in order to get to a doctor’s appointment. Your donation to cover the cost of a wheelchair ramp provides desperately needed safety, freedom and independence.

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Looking for other ways to help ReFIT?

Whether you donate as little as $10 a month or provide a one-time gift, your contributions will go far for families in need.

You also don't have to be a carpenter to help our cause. You can volunteer your time and expertise in various areas: construction, design, healthcare, administration, marketing, event planning, sponsorship, and more!